Equipment Inspection – Safety Machinery

  • Machinery, equipment and labor equipment is an indispensable work in the work of labor safety today to ensure the safety of labor and life for laborers.
  • Establishments using machinery, equipment and supplies on the list must notify about the necessity of first-time inspection of subjects for the first time, periodically or extraordinarily, firstly to copy all documents thoroughly. Techniques related to the inspection body to provide the inspector and designate a representative to witness the verification process.

Technical Inspection Equipment Safety – Industrial Machinery

  • Check records
  • Check external and internal devices
  • Check strength, tightness
  • Check activity
  • Make written records at field inspection.


The following are the safety measures applied at the Steel Builder factory in Phu My II Industrial Park.

Head Protection: Protective welding helmets are required when staring welding work. Protective helmets help to avoid the effects of UV light, infrared ray, melt metal splashes to the eyes and face.

Protective clothing: to protect the legs, hands and neck area of welding workers. Workers’ clothing is made of non-flammable or hard-to-burn materials. Leather material is always a safe choice to prevent burns for workers. Hand gloves are the closets contact with spark welding.

Separate welding area: build separate welding area from the rest to avoid affecting other areas by lighting and electric arc. The separate construction minimizes damage in the event of a fire and limits the contact of sparks by welding with flammable materials.

Use PVC screens to prevent sparks from welding: These are usually red in color, which can block light, and the molten metal splashes into the surrounding area if you weld with other production areas.

The use of PVC screens prevent sparks form welding to save the cost of building many different work areas or building partitions with other materials.